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We offer full-stack mobile and web development services together with requirements analysis, quality assurance, and project management. We have all the expertise you need to produce a fully fledged, stable, and scalable product.

Engagement Models

  • Extended team

    We extend your internal team with our best talent and maintain complete control over their performance. You have the direct access to each of team members and manage the software development and product development life cycle.

  • We establish a product development team and take full responsibility for creating a turnkey solution for you, from design and planning to development and support. There’s no need for project management from the customer’s side.

  • We provide you with the specific service which is not available in-house: usability audit, product design, web/mobile development or testing. The team and the delivery process is managed on our side.

  • The client specifies an exact scope of work and timeline before the project starts. We take on the responsibilities for development and project management. Any change requests are discussed separately and charged over budget.

Why Agente

Trusted and Skilled Team

Since 2009, we collaborate closely with startups and established brands to develop digital products from scratch or leverage their existing products. We serve customers from 5+ industries and are proud of our 100+ successful projects in product design, website, and mobile development.

Personalized Approach

Our design and development process is driven by solving your particular business problems. Working with us means much more than just putting another technology on your estimate. We build products that help you reach your business goals, believing that software is only a tool to contribute to your success.

Industry Standards Compliance

We keep up with the changing laws, regulations, and policies in different industries and niches. Here at Agente, we strive to make sure that our solutions comply with fundamental software development, product design, and information security standards.

Design-Driven Development

We view your business requirements from the perspective of the needs of people, possibilities of technology and functional needs. For each project, we can run design sprints, solutions testing and usability audit before development in order to provide end users with a stress-free experience.


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